“Stories in Motion” has been receiving incredible support from some of our favorite electronic producers and Dj’s. Listen back to some of these amazing mixes/shows featuring “Stories in Motion” now here:

• Group Therapy with Above & Beyond and Andy Moor 207
• Lange – Create 048
• Kyau & Albert – Euphonic Sessions November
• Roger Shah – Music For Balearic People 440

01 Stories in Motion (Sunny Lax Remix)
02 Stories in Motion (Sied van Riel Away to the Past Remix)

In November – in a rare break with his Rytone release tradition – Black Hole Recordings have secured the rights to Ryan Farish’s as-ever eclectic new single, ‘Stories In Motion’.

In its Original Mix form, ‘Stories’ is another textbook example of what makes Ryan’s releases the unclassified, breed-apart productions they are. Imagine U2-esque guitars, prefacing halcyon synths and quixotic vocals (as lyrically infectious as they are verbal), all wrapped in an extravagant, radio delighting production.

On Sunny Lax’s remix, the Anjunabeats’ centurion moves ‘Stories’ emphasis closer to the trance end, booming up its bass and rearticulating the track’s mainline in a more euphoric fashion.

Tying the mix package off, for his interpretation Sied van Riel goes all-in-trance. It’s not for the faint of floor-heart though. Metal-on-metal percussion, deeply resonating LFO, tech-grit and Hitchcock-tense sub-riffs conspire to turn Ryan’s ‘Stories’ into a tripped-out, late night ride to the club side.